Air conditioner HVAC ex-proof ATEX


Refinery analyser shelters HVAC are typically zone 2 classified for the chiller/heater with ventilation system classification for zone 1 - ventilation system is the only function to be kept running in case of LEL detection.

Ventilation system is specified to control a 2.5 mmWG minimum pressure indoor and a water chiller is often required as addition for sample cooling or analyser utility.

The SAR VAC 15000 is a split system involving the ventilation unit / water-air exchanger plus a recirculating water chiller .

 This system has been designed to comply with  following specifications:

-Effective air conditioner cooling/heating capacity: 15 Kw (51 000 Btu/hr) .

-Chilled water supply: 10°C - 3 bars - Flow rate: up to 2.5 M3/H 

-Ventilation: 1 000 m3/h - static pressure: 15 mm WG

-A motor speed variator is proposed as option for adjustement of the ventilation flowrate to the required site experimental value.

- Classification:

Recirculating water chiller: CE Ex II 3G IIC T4 (ATEX Zone 2) 
Ventilation unit: CE EEx II 2G IIC T4 (ATEX Zone 1) or CE EEx II 3G IIC T4 (ATEX Zone 2)

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