Model: OEM


Moisture measurement by industrial electrolyser in gaseous samples for concentration between 30 ppb and 5 000 ppm(v) H2O.
The analyser is realized both as process or portable version.



Reference instrument: fundamental measuring principle based on Faraday's law of electrolysis, does not require calibration.

Measurement accuracy: long term accuracy has been proved while other type of instrument required frequent recalibration.

Contamination resistance: even for corrosive gases such as chlorine or H2S.




A first type of application is the calibration of the other moisture monitors of market, such as Aluminium Oxide Sensors requiring validation: the ppm moisture generator PGE combines a dilution of dry and water saturated streams with electrolysis of the mixture: gas standard can be generated in the range of 30 ppb and 5 000 ppm(v) H2O.



OTHER APPLICATIONS: are related to the Industrial, Medical, Chemical, Petrochemical and Natural gases purity for electric power, refrigeration, pharmaceuticals etc....
Some dedicated applications have been developed such as:

- Moisture monitoring at outlet Chlorine gas driers with sample wetted materials in Monel 400 , PTFE , glass and platinum.

- Moisture measurement in Natural Gas with porous membrane barrier for glycol, Hg ...contaminants elimination.

- Moisture measurement in Refinery Catalytic Reformer with corrosive version for HCL, CL2 and H2S contaminants.
The complete sampling system is engineered for the application and the assembly ATEX certified for zones 1 & 2 when required.