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Model ISOSAMPLE 8100

The Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) ISOSAMPLE 8100 has been designed to sample Liquefied Natural Gas or Refrigerated Light Hydrocarbon Fluid according to the requirements of the most usual standard ISO 8943.

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) ISOSAMPLE 8100 main features are the following:


  • Thermal insulation of the sample take-off probe by hight vacuum on tube and block valve with extended bonnet vertically mounted.
  • Sample vaporizer by coil exchanger imerged in oil bath temperature controlled Air fin heater is provided downstream
  • Floating piston holder cylinder capacity: 20 to 15O L - 3 level detectors at 0L (empty) - low level tolerance- High level tolerance
  • Continuous sampling mode with microflow controller
  • Balancing gas: instrument air pressure controlled at 2.5 bg during the charge of holder cylinder and at 4 bg during the discharge into the spot cylinder
  • Interseal barrier gas: Helium controlled at 100 mbg
  • Spot transportation cylinders: number: 10 - size:1 000 to 4 000 cc; pressure charge: 4 bg; fully automatic sampling by procedure as per the fill and empty method Annex D of ISO 10 715
  • Micro-processed computer processing the application via the solenoid valve bus manifold trough a profibus data-link
  • Sampling sequence and alarm history reported on screen with data acquisition by keyboard
  • Communication with customer DCS via RS-485 data-link plus general alarm contact SPDT NC
  • Explosion proof computer enclosure and keyboard ATEX II 2G EExIIBT3; Solenoid valve actuator ATEX II 2G EExII (i p) BT3


System integration:

The sample take-off probe and block valve are connected to the sample vaporizer by vacuum tube for thermal insulation; these items are supplied as loosing parts with the air fin heater for installation by others.

The microflow controller /spot cylinders piston holder / Control unit SCAMEX are enclosed in a rugged cabinet approximatively sized 500 (L) x 400 (D) x 2000 (H) mm in epoxy painted carbon steel 20/10 mm sheet and IP 55 rating to accept location in harsh environment.

To compensate the Joule/Thomson effect, the microflow controller is electrically heated and the cabinet is accurately temperature controlled at 40°C +/- 5°C to avoid condensation.

The front door features laminated safety windows for control unit display view.

The spot transportation cylinders hook-up system is located in a separated cabinet at the left side and temperature controlled between 40 and 50°C.